Did you know that coffee beans aren’t beans at all? They are the pits of fruit. So, coffee is basically fruit juice. So, it’s fine to have another cup with us in Furniture! Introducing our brand-new coffee bar! Come help yourself to a warm cup to perk up your day! We painted our wall in chalkboard paint to write little messages and for when we will have special flavors available. We will also have a little jar of donations that will go to a different local charity every month. So, come on in and help yourself to a warm cup while we look through Dynasty fabric samples, listen to us explain the difference in leather grades, brainstorm the best way to layout you complicated floor plan. Wander around our displays thinking about how your kids would destroy a white fabric sectional and admire our green and blue Palliser sectionals that remind you of the 70’s. Sip on a comfort coffee while asking “Does that Best chair come in a different colour?” (The answer is yes, over 700 different colours.)

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