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I’ve always had a passion for being creative. Sometimes I can push the envelope a little further than others, but I think that is what makes me good at what I do. If you’re looking for something unique or if you think you’re looking for something impossible, I can help. I’ve been known to find furniture to fit into the tightest of spaces and to scour through endless options to find that perfect rug. I have the tenacity to not give up when things get hard. While I believe listening to my customer and making their space about them is very important, I also believe in giving people options they might not have thought about. A little out of the box thinking can turn something ordinary into something spectacular. Ultimately, I think a person’s home should complement their personality and should reflect the sort of atmosphere they envision for their space. Thank you for coming in to find me, I am excited to be working with you and look forward to learning about how you want your space to look and function. Please reach out anytime you can reach me at, and I mean anytime!


I’ve always enjoyed helping people put together a look they’ll love. After a lifetime in the fashion industry I found myself retired but soon realized that sitting at home wasn’t for me. I still craved collaborating with my clients, understanding their concerns and providing knowledgeable advice to solve their design dilemmas. Naturally, working with home furnishings was a good fit for me. My design philosophy is simple – like fashion, if you start with key investment pieces in the right style and color you can easily create a multitude of looks and feels just by mixing up your accessories. Whether you’re like me and prefer a calming room of neutrals, or you want to go bold with a pop of color, I can help guide you into something you’ll love today and won’t regret tomorrow. You can find me anytime by email at I am excited to help you make your space a place you’ll love!


The furniture industry is exciting and ever changing! I love the pace of helping customers everyday with new projects!  My passion for a comfortable home comes from enjoying time with my family and friends at my home.  Let me help you create the home you’ll love with the people you love!  Contact me in store or by email at I am excited to help you make your space a place you’ll love!

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