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Trust me, I know how frustrating shopping for your new appliances can be. Do you want stainless,
slate, black slate, counter depth, Wi-Fi enabled? Yeah, it can be a real headache. Who has time
to sort through 30 models of fridges, stay on top of what’s new and scout out the best time to buy that kitchen package? By specializing in our GE appliance line I can help guide you into not just what fits your
space, but your budget too. I believe in being honest with my customers. If a new feature on that dishwasher is in reality a glorified gimmick I’ll tell you. If I can get you a similar model for a lower price I’ll tell you. If you’re having a problem with your purchase I’ll listen. Send me an email at and we can get to work on your next purchase.  


I’ve always enjoyed helping people put together a look they’ll love. After a lifetime in the fashion industry I found myself retired but soon realized that sitting at home wasn’t for me. I still craved collaborating with my clients, understanding their concerns and providing knowledgeable advice to solve their design dilemmas. Naturally, working with home furnishings was a good fit for me. My design philosophy is simple – like fashion, if you start with key investment pieces in the right style and color you can easily create a multitude of looks and feels just by mixing up your accessories. Whether you’re like me and prefer a calming room of neutrals, or you want to go bold with a pop of color, I can help guide you into something you’ll love today and won’t regret tomorrow. You can find me anytime by email at I am excited to help you make your space a place you’ll love!


I believe your time is valuable. We live in an age where everyone is busy. Yoga on Mondays, soccer on Tuesdays, book club on Wednesdays … how are you supposed to fit furniture shopping into your schedule? Whether you prefer shopping over the phone, through email or in person, I can help make everything more
manageable. I’m happy to go over your wish list with you and devise a plan for your space tailored to your style and budget.
I enjoy incorporating new trends with classic styling. I believe it’s the small details that take a room from dull to poised and sophisticated. I’m also a true believer of function before form. I know your purchase is an investment and I want your furniture to not just look great but also to stand up to your expectations and lifestyle. Send me an email at any time at, I’m excited to hear about your vision for your space and want to help make it a reality.!


I believe that change is a good thing. Let’s face it, in Saskatchewan we spend most of our time indoors. It seems like we’re either escaping the cold or the mosquitoes. After awhile a person can go a little stir crazy looking at the same four walls day in and day out. I personally love to change things up and shake off the monotony of the everyday by adding new colors, textures and patterns to my home. I’m a firm believer that you don’t always have to spend a lot to give your home a makeover either. Sometimes by just changing your furniture placement, wall color or décor items you can bring some life back to an otherwise tired living room.

I’ve always had a passion for helping others. I understand the process of furnishing your space can get a bit overwhelming at times. With today’s online world there are more options to choose from than ever. A simple google search of “how to decorate your room” showcases over 175 million search results. Should you start with a rug, art, paint? Do you worry about durability, scale or how it will work with your existing furniture? I can help you sift through the volume of products, listen to your concerns and leave you with honest feedback.

Thank you for coming in to find me.  I’m excited to help you change up your look with something fresh and new.

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