It’s almost that holly jolly time of year again! Everyone is trying to make their Christmas Eve menu, and find that perfect present, and eat a few more cookies than they maybe should. We are definitely feeling the season here at McMunn & Yates. There are Christmas carols playing on the radio, staff stockings hanging from our desks, and everyone that comes in is wondering if we can deliver before Christmas. We are so happy we can help people with the Christmas crisis that come up, like a broken stove that can’t bake a turkey, or a bigger dining table to hold the family of ten, or picking the perfect throw blanket for your mother in law (she said she doesn’t need one but let’s be honest, everyone needs a soft fuzzy blanket this time of year). We have been expecting, anticipating, and eagerly awaiting the panic of Christmas shopping. That is why we have selected art 50-75% off, that’s why we have plenty of stock of appliances, and that’s why we have our super soft throws displayed all throughout the store. If you need a bigger sectional to fit the fam – we can help you with that. If you need a deep freeze to store the three turkeys you bought because you couldn’t pick one – we can help you with that. If you need a spot to hide from your kids for a while… we can probably bury you under a mountain of pillows for a while. From everyone here at McMunn & Yates, Merry Christmas!

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