Happy Canada Day from McMunn &Yates Furniture! We would like to take this day to celebrate all of the Canadian brands that we carry!

Starting with the beautiful, high quality brand Canadel. A family owned and operated company since 1982, Canadel is based out of Quebec. They love making your home perfect, particularly your kitchen. This is why they pride themselves on the custom pieces they make for their customers. Easy to use and fun to play around with, Canadel’s U Design is the perfect first step to creating your high-quality piece that can be passed down for generations.

Speaking of customizing, Palliser is a well-known, high end Canadian brand we proudly carry. Based in Winnipeg, Palliser has been around for over three quarters of a century. They remain a family owned company today. With their entrance into upholstered goods in 1969 and leather goods in 1998, they quickly grew to become a trusted and loved Canadian brand.

Staring in 1975 and branching eastward in 1984, the Dynasty company started by three brothers in Calgary begun to evolve into a go-to supplier for high end but affordable stationary products. Today their assortment of fabrics to choose from reflect the brothers east African roots, but the designs of the products meet Canadian taste. Their locations rest in Calgary and Mississauga.

Defehr, a company unfortunately killed by Covid, was proudly Canadian. Originating in the basement of a Saskatchewan home on September 25, 1944 and later being based out of Winnipeg. Defehr was known for its high quality, high-style natural solid wood, veneer and laminate furniture. McMunn & Yates still has a few select pieces of Defehr Furniture so hurry in and grab it while you can!

For over 100 years people have been letting Kingsdown into their bedroom, and with good reason. Established in 1904, they operate all over Canada. Providing Canadians with high end mattresses, bedding, and adjustable beds. It’s signature undeniable comfort is why McMunn and Yates carries it proudly.

With their first factory rented in 1972 in Toronto Ontario, Décor-Rest has only grown over their 50 years in business. Making their way into countless homes all across the country, Décor Rest strives to furnish homes with love.

Since 1959 Stylus has been helping decorate the homes of Canadians with their made to order stationary items appealing to countless customers. With their interesting and fun fabric choices a world of creativity opens up to consumers who were otherwise only exposed to solid patterns.

Finally, our brand new company Springwater, is also proudly Canadian. Beginning in 1992 as a small woodworking shop in a home, Springwater has become one of Ontario’s leading suppliers in real wood accents. Their products are made of pine, and have the habit of being the perfect piece for small spaces.

And let us not forget McMunn & Yates is a Canadian company as well. With 23 stores spanning over 3 provinces, there has been tremendous growth since the first location opened in 1971. Proudly Canadian, proudly serving Canadians.

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