Although it doesn’t quite feel like it, spring is on its way! Get your home warm weather ready with an easy spring refresh.

To help you make the most of your spaces and give your rooms a thorough spring refresh we’ve put together a handy to do list. From decluttering and cleaning to little changes that have a big impact, we hope to inspire you to make the most of your home.


  1. Stow away winter essentials – from blankets to mittens, sweaters and coats, winter requires a lot of extra essentials. There’s no better time to clean, organize and edit your collection of winter gear. Wash up those heavy blankets and quilts and dry clean winter coats as needed, then stow them away until its bundle up season again. This is also a great time to edit your winter wardrobe, getting rid of items that are no longer needed.
  2. Refresh your bathroom – this often forgotten about room could use a spring refresh too. Start by pairing down your products. You know, those old beauty products that you no longer use but have been hanging on to? Toss em. Then give everything a thorough scrub, top to bottom, left to right. Make it pretty by adding a new shower curtain, some small plants and a scented candle.
  3. Clean your pantry – let’s be honest, this space gets overlooked sometimes. So let’s empty it out scrub it down and put it back together better than ever. Who knows maybe you’ll be inspired to use those forgotten about ingredients hiding in the back before they expire!!
  4. Clear out the clutter- it’s time to toss or recycle those piles of papers, mail, take out menus and coupons that take up space in your entryway, kitchen and family room. This is also a good time to edit your magazines and book collections and haul away any other recycling items you may have collected over the winter months.
  5. Tackle the big stuff – So you’ve organized, edited and tossed the clutter now let’s do a deep clean. Vacuum and mop those floors, do your baseboards, air vents and even the tops of your doorways. This may count as more than a refresh but after it’s done you’ll feel great and your rooms will look fantastic.

Now that the clutter has been cleared and you’ve thoroughly tidied up, let’s look at some simple updates to bring in spring! A few simple updates can have a big impact and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

  1. Hang some mirrors – add a mirror to your room to reflect light and make it appear larger. Hanging one over your sofa looks great and makes your room feel open and airy.
  2. Swap out pillows – nothing is easier than swapping out toss cushions on your bed or sofa. What better way to add a pop of colour or pattern to a room.
  3. Add an area rug – a little more of an investment than a toss cushion, but adding or changing an area rug is an instant and easy boost to your current décor.
  4. Brighten your walls – whether you opt to paint or swap out your art work, you can give your room a new look easily. If you can’t commit to a big change, consider moving your current pieces of art from one room to another or try painting your picture frames to give existing pieces a new look.
  5. Bring in greenery- what better way to bring in spring than by adding some leafy plants and pretty flowers. Well placed plants and flowers can liven up empty corners and brighten up your room.

Now that you’ve cleaned, organized and refreshed we hope you take the time to enjoy whatever it is that brings you joy!

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