Accent chairs are that often overlooked piece of furniture that can have a big impact on your space. Accent chairs have a role beyond function. As the name suggests they are to complement your décor, draw out a particular colour, provide a focal point or add contrast to spice up a boring, monotone space.

Accent chairs, like a great piece of art can be used in any room of your house to boldly dominate or blend in as you choose. Accent chairs come in many different shapes and sizes let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

Wingback Chair – The classic wingback chair is a club chair or easy chair with “wings “that typically but not always extend from the back of the chair down to the armrest. Their main purpose was to shield its occupants from a draft and in days gone by they were usually placed near a fireplace.  Although still used by a fireplace wingback chairs work well in corners and even flanking the ends of a dining room table.


Club Chair – The Club chair is a great little option. Usually smaller in stature, they can often be found in pairs. This fully upholstered chair usually features a low, semicircle back with wings or arms. They are very versatile and work well in many different room settings. We love it when they swivel!

Slipper Chair – A slipper chair is a low slung, armless chair with a high back. Originally designed for Victorian ladies to put on or remove their slippers. The slipper chair features short legs and in today’s homes work well in bedrooms or any area short on space. They are a great addition to an entry way or a reading nook when done up in pairs.

Occasional Chair– As the name would suggest an occasional chair is a chair that’s meant to be used on occasion.  It is any portable chair that is used less frequently or a chair that is used for additional seating. It offers a small dose of beauty to your room. Its versatility makes it perfect to use in any room in your home providing extra seating in the living room, dining room or even as desk chair.

All of the chairs featured in this post are available to purchase in store or may be ordered in fabric of your choice. Our design consultants would be happy to work with you to find the accent chair that best suits your taste and space!





























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