After spending more time than ever in our homes over the last year, you may desire as we head into the New Year to refresh, renew or redo your rooms!  A new year, a new look! Why not?  Even simple changes can have a big impact on your space and that can have a big impact on you! We all feel a lot better in a space we love! Read on for five easy tips to transform any room in your home!


The simple act of clearing away the clutter not only makes your space look great but you’ll feel more relaxed in a clean, uncluttered space. So go ahead and stash unused items in under bed storage containers, in baskets, drawers and closets. As you stow away unused items, consider if you still need it or if you can donate to a charity of your choice. Your room will look great and you’ll feel good putting those unused items to good use.

Let the Sunshine

Pull back the curtains and raise those blinds to let the sun in! Warm up your space and your spirits with some natural sunlight.

Nurture Nature Inside

Not only are plants beautiful to look at, they are healthy too. Plants act as a filter to clean the air we breathe, so adding a plant or two to your space provides multiple benefits! Opt for ones that are easy to care for, some may need light from a window while others may not.

Change Your Pictures

Swap out your framed photos or prints for an easy update in any room. You could also move pictures or artwork from one room to another. Try experimenting with different frames on different pictures, or easily update current framed prints by painting the frames or changing the matting out.

Add a Mirror

Create the illusion of more space by adding mirror.  No matter the size, it works to fool the eye.  Like a window, mirrors reflect light real or artificial.  Strategic placement of a mirror can create a beautiful focal point or reflection giving your room both depth and light.  Experiment with placement to see how you can use this illusion to your benefit.

Get creative and enjoy trying new ideas in your home. The New Year is always a good time to feel inspired and get creative!  Happy New Year and happy decorating from all of us at McMunn & Yates Furniture!


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