Let’s face it, life can get busy, and a little messy. Between kids, pets and an occasional red wine spill, accidents happen. The good news is with todays top furniture manufacturers all offering some type of performance fabric your furniture doesn’t have to suffer. Selecting furniture upholstered in performance fabrics means easy clean up and worry free movie nights!

At McMunn & Yates Furniture we proudly offer a wide array of furniture available in many different performance fabrics including Nuvella Performance fabric, Opti Clean, Livesmart and Revolution.

Performance fabrics are a perfect choice when both style and function are needed. They are designed to be not only beautiful but highly durable as well. Rather than absorbing liquid from spills like normal fabrics, performance fabrics are created to resist absorption leading to easier clean-up and no unsightly, long term stains.

Many different areas of our homes could benefit from furniture upholstered in performance fabric.

Living rooms are typically high traffic areas. Between relaxing movie nights, hosting guests, pets and the occasional tv dinner, this room needs as much protection as it can get.

The all neutral furniture trend never looked so good and with the endless options in performance fabric you don’t have to shy away from getting on board.

The Hanna Sofa above from Best Home Furnishings is a show stopper and repels stains in cream colored Opticlean fabric.

Dining chairs are another high traffic piece of furniture and of course are exposed to more food and beverages than any other piece of furniture in your home.


Canadian made Canadel offers a wide array of custom dining chair options with a large selection of Sunbrella easy care fabrics.

Outdoor furniture is available with many different performance fabrics that resist not only spills and staining but sun damage too.  Ashley Furnitures Nuvella fabric is an industry leader and can even be washed with diluted bleach.


Spills and stains are inevitable, so it’s a good idea to have what you need to remove them on hand so you can clean them before they have a chance to set.

Follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions and use the recommended products for the upholstery. The tag on your sofa will have a cleaning code to indicate what type of cleaners are safe to use.

Above all else be sure to follow the number one rule of spot cleaning any piece of furniture is to blot, never rub a stain. Rubbing will grind the stain deeper into the material resulting in a larger stain and possibly damage the fabric. You should always start by blotting with a dry paper towel or lint free cloth to lift as much of the stain as possible before going in with any detergent or cleaner.

With all of these great tips and stain resistant fabric you’ll be able to enjoy your furniture like never before!



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