Are you a make your bed every day kind of person or do you happily fall into crumpled sheets at the end of the day without a care in the world? Is your bedroom a peaceful haven to relax in or a collection of mix matched pieces of furniture?

Our bedrooms are often neglected when it comes to decorating, taking a backseat in favour of updated kitchens and living rooms.

Now more than ever creating a peaceful haven in your home where you can relax and get a good night’s sleep doesn’t only make you feel good. Studies show that a good night’s sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the first things to consider when planning out a bedroom design (or design for any room!) is how you want the room to feel. A calm and soothing theme is popular for a bedroom. It is a place to rest and relax, after all!

I like to favour a more neutral monochromatic colour scheme and add in pops of colour by way of toss cushions or a colorful throw.  I also like to incorporate different textures in a room. A plush area rug, linen curtains and textured cushions all add visual interest and depth to your space.

If your space is small take advantage of space saving storage beds that not only look good but do double duty to keep blankets or clothes organized as well.

We love the plush velvet upholstered headboard and ample storage on the Stylus Aava headboard.

It not only looks great, but is functional as well.

If space allows why not add a cozy reading nook. Incorporating a small scale chair creates a great place to relax, put on shoes or hang out. This is also a good opportunity to add in some pizzazz!

As for décor, in an effort to keep it simple and serene, I favour a statement piece of art over the bed and I also like adding a stand up mirror leaned against a wall. It’s great for checking out your outfit and it adds light and reflection to your room.

Finally, pile on the pillows! Dress your bed in soft linens and dress it up with a collection of pillows. Try experimenting with different sizes, colours and textures to keep it interesting!

Whether you’re  looking for a complete redo of your bedroom space or a little refresh visit us to create the bedroom of your dreams!

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