Every year new and emerging design trends seem to appear in an array of colors, textures and styles. Kicking off this decade isn’t entirely different. While there are definitely trends that fit that mold we’re starting to see more of a new movement rather than just a well tailored fresh esthetic in the furniture industry. What I mean by this is 2020 will have it’s own esthetic trends but I’m predicting that the 20’s as a whole will be the decade of multifunctional, space-saving and tech filled furnishings. It’s going to be the decade of “The Easy Life”.

But let’s start with the old tried and true, this years colors. It’s no surprise that color trends don’t seem to jump around a lot. In some ways 2020 isn’t much different than 2019. The star color for this year is Pantone’s Classic Blue. We’ve been seeing this for a while in blue kitchens, blue décor, heck even blue hair. It’s just now that the color has finally started becoming more mainstream. It’s very easy to jump on this trend as everyone has a version of it. Even case good companies like Aspen Home have come out with a new line of navy coffee tables and entertainment units to bring the moody blues easily into your home. We’re also seeing a big push in brandy /cognac colored leather goods. With nearly every company having a version of a clean lined sofa style covered in this earthy color you’ll start to notice the eventual demise of the grey monopoly the last decade has had on home design. Accented with rich bold shades of green or saffron the feel for this year’s pallet is rich yet casual. The whole look gets a bit of softening with blush-toned accents.

Solid surfaces have really started to move from wood into stone with Calcutta Marble leading the pack. Creamy white marble or faux-marble tops can be found in a variety of shapes on dining and coffee tables. For those wanting something a bit different you’ll be able to find marble in shades of black, emeralds and greys. There is also the niche trend of terrazzo tops in -you guessed it- shades of cream, greens, blacks and blues. While walnut wood grain seems to be the choice for most new wooden table sets, metal table frames in black, brass and chrome seem to being gaining in popularity. Perhaps it’s our longing for something different than rustic barn wood that has pushed wooden surfaces into the sidelines for 2020.








Textiles are moving from menswear type fabrics into weaves with a soft and cozy hand. Comfort is king in 2020 as velvets and ultra plush microfibers are penetrating the hold traditional woven polyester and linen fabrics have had for the last few years. People are really starting to look for furniture that they can live on rather than look at and this trend in textiles is a step in that direction.

Over the last few years style has been the driving force in the furniture industry. In the Instagram age where the perfect image is perceived as top dog it’s refreshing to see the big push our industry has taken with function over form. Today’s busy families are no stranger to finding products that make our lives smarter, simpler or work for us. We’ve fully embraced this trend in the rest of our lives, the move into our furnishings is a natural choice. From robot vacuums to online grocery shopping to insta pots our society has learned that if we plan on “doing it all” somethings gotta give. This new age of furniture is talking those ideas to the next level. By now we’re all familiar with power headrests, power lumbar and USB charging but those initial great ideas have truly gone to the next level. Take Palliser’s new innovative “Element’s in Motion” series. Fully customizable it allows for you to custom build your sofa / sectional to best suit your families needs. Whether that be by adding smart features like wireless charging counters, corner backrests that recline, pull out sleepers you’ll actually love to sleep on, moveable end tables, or out of view large storage solutions for small spaces. Just check out the videos below to view this baby in action.

But that’s not all, a push in easy to clean fabrics has taken hold across the industry. With many sofa sets and accent chairs now available in stain resistant fabrics the fear of spilling your glass of red wine onto your furniture is a thing of the past. These easy to clean Sunbrella-like fabrics allow you to live your life and not worry about life’s little messes. Difficult stains can even be cleaned with a diluted water/ bleach solution.  Environmentally friendly options are also available such as Decor-Rest’s full line of recycled water bottle fabrics. Now you can do you part and still look smart.

Multipurpose is the name of the game. Today’s styles are being stuffed with so many storage and technology features that your new sofa probably feels like it should be wearing it’s Thanksgiving stretchy pants. A wide assortment of sets are having wireless phone chargers added, Bluetooth speakers, hidden cup holders and even heat and power massage rollers are being added but yet are hidden from view.









Smart yet sneaky storage spots are being found under seat cushions, in arm rests, under chaise loungers. Even hidden compartments in your dining table allow for those of us with open concept spaces to forget the remorse of knocking out a wall and removing your only storage closet to get that big open space to accommodate the island in your kitchen.

The list of multipurpose furnishings goes on to include ottomans that transform into chairs for extra seating, sofa tables that convert into full dining sets, and office furniture that seamlessly hides your home office in any space of your home.







While nobody can predict the future one things for sure, the decade of living well in your living space is here. For more information on this topic follow our what’s new section for our monthly “The Easy Life” posts and stay up to date on new products and innovations in the home furnishings.

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