The holidays have ended, you’ve stowed your decorations for another year and your pocket book is empty.  It’s too soon to tackle spring cleaning, yet the gray days of winter have you yearning for something more.

A budget friendly refresh is just the answer to liven of your space and your spirits!

In the interest of saving money why not consider giving new life to pieces you already own by using them in a different way or different space.  Maybe the shelves previously used as a bookcase can be reconfigured to work as a T.V. stand.  Perhaps the rug in your living room can switch places with the rug in your bedroom. Little changes can have a big impact.

Rearrange your furniture to give your space a new look.  Float a sofa that previously sat against a wall in the centre of your room to see what a difference a simple shift of positions can make.

Lastly, when it comes to a budget friendly refresh there is no better way to spice up your space than to swap out you accessories.  This option is great because you can do a little at a time, swapping out toss cushions or a piece of artwork.  Or a complete overhaul such as changing out rugs, cushions artwork or maybe even side tables and other décor items.

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