2018 was the year grey took over everything. Your house was grey, everything in your closet was grey, heck even your hair was dyed grey. And though your grandmother may never understand why you’d pay big bucks to have hair the color of a senior citizen, even she jumped on the grey bandwagon when she painted and furnished her condo. There have been a few of us, myself included, that can’t wait for the return of color and even though grey is still BIG in the design world we are starting to see a hint of color reappear. If you’re looking to add color to your home in 2019 you’ll find it predominately in shades of blush, greens and deep blues. The best way to describe this season’s palate are the colors of the Southwest. Think red-rock, cacti and stargazing the night sky over the glow of firelight. We’ve also noticed a trend to mix color vibrancies. Lighter blush pinks paired with deep emerald greens or navy blues paired with soft camels. By mixing vibrancies you’re able to create a focal point in your space while also creating a sense of quiet and calm.

Upscale textures have now taken over. In the last decade rustic furnishings have flooded the marketplace. From barn wood to mason jars, if it looked repurposed you can bet it was featured somewhere on HGTV. With over 1.6 million Instagram posts #rusticdecor was kinda a big deal. While rustic is still very much on trend the “highly distressed” look is seeing its way out in favor of a more polished and tailored esthetic. Wood finishes are smooth and any sense of “rustic” is now limited to the way the stain and finishes are applied. Wood is starting to take a backseat to stone and metal finishes. Smooth marble, limestone and glass surfaces are dominating the coffee table industry. Chrome, brass, steel and black metal finishes allow for an open and airy feeling in even the smallest of spaces. It’s another example of how our homes are beginning to reflect our strong longing for calm and tranquility. For those of you who still have a special place in your hearts for wood the tones have shifted from dark to light. Cream, sandy driftwood, walnut and light grey finishes are going to be everywhere. We’re also forecasting a big trend in wicker and cane furniture. The look is especially popular in children’s rooms, which isn’t surprising due to the popularity of artisan made Moses baskets in today’s nurseries.

Miss match is the way to go. No I’m not talking about your sock drawer. With color and texture at a minimum the best way to add some interest in your space is with shape. We’ll be seeing a lot of curves in every category, subtle or not. Round coffee tables, curved arms on sofas and rounded edges on bedroom furniture. Just as with textures the shapes of our furnishings will be more sophisticated. Styles that give the illusion of simplicity while still showing off some well-tailored detailing will find their way into our homes. The best example of this is the return of the channel back sofa. The channel back style is back in a big way in 2019 as nearly every manufacturer out there is showcasing this classic design. As textures are leaning towards smoother surfaces fabrics like velvet are a logical choice. We’ve seen some velvet in 2018 but it’s likely to steal the show in 2019. The demand for soft, touchable and family friendly fabrics make velvet an easy decision. The miss-match part comes into play when you start putting pieces together. Ditch the loveseat and bring in a couple of accent chairs- and no they don’t HAVE to match. With so many different shapes and styles to choose from a well curated set of accent chairs in a coordinating color will break up your space, creating interest. The only rule to remember is to stick with the same scale. Nothing clashes worse than an undersized sofa with an oversized chair – or vice versa. Remember to play with vibrancies in the choice of your fabric, leathers and textiles. The look of tranquility need not be boring.

Where did all the color go? If you’re like me and need a little, or a lot, of color in your life don’t fret. Where furniture, décor and paint trends are lacking area rugs have fully embraced a more is more philosophy. The brighter, the bolder the better. Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone with a funky bright area rug. A fun new rug is easily grounded when the rest of your furniture doesn’t compete. An area rug is the perfect way to add personality to your space without feeling like you’ve made a permanent commitment.

Over the last ten years the largest change to your home has likely been its lighting. Most new homes and renovated open concept homes have left us with little need for lamps. Sure you may still have a reading nook somewhere that can use a good lamp but pot lights have taken over. As table and floor lamps disappear you might find you’re space lacking something that you just can’t put your finger on. The answer is sculptural ceiling fixtures. Even though your pot lights give you plenty of light they don’t offer much for style. Your light fixtures should make a statement and set the mood in your home. Luckily there are plenty to choose from and the trends are big and bold. Oversized yet thin metal frames in geometric or fluid shapes with multiple bulbs are in. Finishes are similar to what you’ll find on trend in the rest of your home. While adding hardwired lighting is definitely a bit of an undertaking we promise the result is worth it. Sculptural lighting creates energy in your space, it’s the new conversation piece. And while the shapes may be big and bold the style is simple, almost minimalistic proving that in 2019 a quiet, calming sense of space in today’s busy, demanding world is right on trend.

Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Though not in the mainstream eye, we’ve also noticed a trend for a moody, dark and broody esthetic. The materials, and accent colors are all the same but instead of greys and off whites we’re seeing dark navy or even black walls with furnishings in greens and wines paired with bronze and gold finished hardware. The look isn’t for everyone, but when done up properly it still achieves a sense of calm an d quiet while it’s mysterious vibe draws you in.


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