There is an expanding array of refrigerators with options at every price point, including roomier models designed to keep food fresher and make it easier to organize. Here are some items to consider:

Side-by-side, bottom-­freezer or top-freezer models. Bottom-freezers put the most used compartment at eye level. French-door and four-door versions save space with narrow door swings for the upper fridge and, with four-door models, two separate freezer doors or drawers below. Side-by-sides also have narrow door swings but require more reaching and bending. Top-freezer refrigerators cost the least but are also the least stylish. Built-in refrigerators sit flush with cabinets, but they cost the most and hold the least overall; cabinet-depth models offer the same look for fewer dollars.

Check the features. Adjustable shelves can make room for tall items, and temperature-controlled drawers offer cooler temperatures for fish and other delicate fare.

Check the dimensions: Knowing your space size is of utmost importance. Width, depth and height are all important considerations when selecting your fridge size. With no standard dimensions you will want to be sure of how much space you have and the look you want to achieve.

Choose a finish: Stainless steel is a popular choice because of it’s neutral unifying look. But in our stores, slate finish tops the charts. It’s neutral matte finish pairs beautifully with many top kitchen color trends and its matte finish hides fingerprints, dirt and smudges making clean up a breeze.

Come in and see the experience sales team at McMunn & Yates Furniture & Appliances to help you make your refrigerator shopping experience effortless!

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