Shake it up! Are you ready for something new? Rustic décor is the cat’s pajamas of the design world right now. Gone are the days of formality. Today’s home is an eclectic mix of the 4 c’s of home design that lends itself perfectly to rustic and reclaimed furnishings. Casual – Rustic décor gives your space a casual feel. No worries about the kids marking up your coffee table or your girlfriend leaving her mug on your dining table. Lifestyle markings only add to the character of these pieces making your home feel inviting and comfortable for you and your guests. Conversation – Everyone loves a good conversation piece. Instead of painting an accent wall, try mixing eclectic rustic pieces to add that POP to your space. They look even better when they don’t match making it easy for the untrained eye to put a room together. Cultural – Did you get that on your trip to Morocco? Many pieces have a global feel to them and higher end pieces even have a story to tell. Reclaimed architectural elements from old shipyards, castles, and bygone buildings find new purpose as a dining table, nightstand or bar. Class – Many people ask me how it’s possible to incorporate rustic details into their existing home without it looking like a yard sale. The easy answer is to use earthy and industrial accessories to showcase your new treasures. Try adding natural materials and textiles with contrasting textures. Woven jute rugs, heavy aged metal finishes, textured pillows and crisp linen can be used in a combination of ways to give your space a cohesive look while instilling a touch of class.

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